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Hi, I’m Taya

A mixed-race Yonsei, law student and grief author.

Over ten years ago, when grief joined my journey, I never imagined that I would end up in law school, with an adorable dog, or writing a book about grief. However, I find myself here, filled with gratitude for the chance to give back to the world some of the help and happiness that I have been fortunate to receive.

"Pieces that have shattered, still fit together.”

 ―  This Grief Thing F**king Sucks, page 23.


This Grief Thing F**king Sucks Zine

This Grief Thing F**king Sucks Zine shares information and resources for grievers and for those seeking ways to help their grieving loved ones. 

Zines are valuable resources for raising awareness and educating individuals about under-addressed issues, like grief.

 Just like grief and healing, Zines thrive in community. By sharing this Zine, my intention is to foster learning, promote visibility, and offer support to communities dealing with loss.

Click below to download a PDF version of this Zine for printing or viewing.

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