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Hi, I’m Taya

A law student, author & dog mum with a variety of hobbies & interests!

In 2021, I completed my undergraduate degree with distinction in Honours Philosophy at the University of British Columbia. Prior to that, I had the privilege of playing for the CCAA women's volleyball teams at Capilano University and Lethbridge College. Currently, I am a third-year student at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law. 

Recently, I published the book "This Grief Thing F**king Sucks" which explores the nuanced experiences of grief as a young adult. Since losing Dad at thirteen, and Mom at eighteen, I found that many of my experiences were not reflected in the stories and conversations surrounding me. In an effort to share these narratives, and to befriend my own grief, I started the writing journey. 

Alongside my legal studies and book marketing, I share my life with Rue, my adorable mini-labradoodle, who has mastered tricks like selfie, bow, and crawl. 

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