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Digital Art

Digital Art

Book Cover Designs

While publishing my book, I paid for a book cover designer and wasn't thrilled with the cover options I received. Since I had dabbled with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator previously I decided to venture into the world of book design to create something I loved. Though the task was much more complicated than I originally planned for, the countless hours that it took to learn Adobe InDesign and book cover theories allowed me to create a book cover that I absolutely love! 

Check out some of the rough draft cover designs I created for my book below (note most of these covers were made before the name of my book was changed from "You Are Resilient" to "This Grief Thing F**king Sucks":

Logo Designs

While creating the brand identity surrounding my book I began dabbling in logo creation and brand identity creation. Additionally, while creating the Lincoln Alexander Advocacy Society I was able to test my brand identity skills by rebranding the society to better suit the needs of Lincoln Alexander students.

As a result of this knowledge, I have been hired to help create the brand identity for a Law and Technology Initiative at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law. In this role, I am helping to rename and rebrand the Initiative to fit the goals of the school and faculty. This includes creating the logo and the website that will be launched very soon.

Find some of my logo and brand work below:

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